Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday Wrap-up

Several of you have asked for more details about the birthday here they are:

I was able to spend the weekend with my family just one short week before my birthday.  Usually it is almost two weeks before, due to the scheduling of an ACU event that brings us all home.  It was nice having that time a little closer to the actual day.  I got a fun wind chime from my parents and a copy of Toy Story2 from Heather, Phillip & Emily.

I have two very good friends whose birthdays fall in the same week as mine....Sarah's is Feb 25 and Katie's is Feb 27, while mine is Mar 1 (Katie and I were actually born in the same hospital!!)  As we were all turning 33 this year, Sarah got creative and came up with a theme centered around the number 3.  She did some research and found Theater 3 with a performance the weekend of the celebration and a nearby restaurant had a three-course meal for a reasonable price.

So rather than our usual celebration of dinner and a movie, we caught a matinee performance of "Don't Dress for Dinner" and ate at the Dream Cafe next door afterwards.

Theater 3 is done in the round and there were only 6 or so rows of seats up on each side (really it was a square, not a round), so there was not a bad seat in the house.  All the action is right there in the middle of the floor.  It was quite a hilarious show.

We walked next door for dinner and decided that the set three-course meal wasn't quite what we wanted, so we made our own.....we shared a black bean-corn relish and cheese fondue for our appetizer and then each selected an entree.  I enjoyed their Mystic Pasta - a blend of grilled chicken, brie cheese, caramelized onions and bacon with farfalle pasta in a garlic white wine cream was quite yummy.  

Then began the hunt for an appropriate dessert to top off our evening.....we ended up at Pokey O's for some custom ice cream sandwiches....they were so good. 

So, there you have it.....the birthday wrap up.....


Lana said...

Glad to hear about your birthday with the girls. Sounds like you had a great time!

the Whitelaws said...

That sounds like such a great time! Very creative. Thanks for sharing!