Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yard work

I just finished vacuuming my back, not really, but that is what it felt like!!  I used the vacuum component of my blower and sucked up two full bags of leaves....cleared off the deck and cleaned out the cabana and some out of the yard.  It was pretty windy while I was out of town, so the leaves are distributed better across the yard.  Another day when it is cooler (it is 75 degrees now....on the way to 82!!  wait, isn't it January?!?) I'll pull out the mower and mulch up all the leaves.

Christmas is all finally packed away and put up....I did a little reorganization in my garage today to get my new icicle wreath and outdoor Christmas tree a home.  For the rest of the day, I'm going to relax!  Perhaps to read a book, or watch some shows on my DVR.

Oh, before I forget....anyone have any ideas on how I could decorate the top of my TV cabinet?  I never have really figured that out.....I don't love the chest (got it for free), but could see greenery coming out possibly.....I feel like it needs some height, but am having a hard time visualizing friend Kelly is already on the case, but I figure it can't help to have more brainstorming!!

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Blueeyes said...

HOBBY LOBBY is God's gift to women! Go to Hobby Lobby...they have lots of great little treasures. Have fun shopping.