Thursday, January 01, 2009

New York ... part 3

When we first started talking about going to New York, one of the things on my to-do list was ice skating.  Daddy & Phillip were not at all interested and Mom would have, but with her neck surgery this summer, we decided it probably wasn't safe for her.  So, it was just me and Heather.  We scoped out all the rink options and decided on The Pond at Bryant Park Here we are wrestling our rental skates on....

Skating was very took us several turns to begin to feel comfortable - and of course, we did have a glorious fall that Mom managed to capture on video.  We laughed it off and kept on skating.  Once we quit trying to hold each other up, we did much better. And yes, my sister has much better balance and coordination than me!!

We spent more of Friday wandering around - seeing the historic Algonquin hotel and the antique wooden escalators in Macy's at Herald Square.  We headed back to the hotel to let Emily spread out and play for a while....she looked so cute in my hat!

We also thought it would be fun to take in a sporting event.....when we checked the schedules, the Knicks were the only team in town.  So, we got to experience the world's most famous arena (at least that is what they say): Madison Square Garden  Though the Knicks got themselves beat by one of the worst teams in the league (Minnesota Timberwolves), it was a fun outing.....made for a later night than usual, but that was okay.

On Saturday, we headed over to 5th Avenue to walk up and enjoy the window decorations.  On the way, we stopped off at the
New York Public Library to visit the lions.....

Many fun windows to see up 5th led us to the
Apple Store and FAO Schwarz 

We found yummy coal oven pizza at Angelo's and then headed up to Central Park.  Emily LOVED the carousel -- it was a little bit too fast for the grownups, but for only $2 it was definitely worth the ride!

We saw a playground and walked over to see if there were any baby swings.....and there were!!!  Emily laughed and giggled and loved swinging.  Guess it is time for Mommy and Papa to find a swing to hang up!!

Heather & Phillip went out on a date on Saturday night, while Mom, Daddy & I played with Miss Emily......doesn't she look so cute in Grandpa's hat?!?

Well, that is about all for our trip to New was very fun, but we were all ready to head out.  From NYC, we headed to Tennessee for a little family visiting and then on home.  Now I'm off for a few more days - of course there are lots of projects to be done around my house - the most pressing, of course, is to un-Christmas my house!


Lauren said...

Great pictures. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

hoesayfina said...

What a fun Christmas trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Glad Santa found you in NYC. -m

Miss G said...

very fun! Kelly