Saturday, January 03, 2009

happily ever after?

I try really hard not to post here when feeling overly emotional or sentimental, but I'm wondering.....when do I get to experience the happily ever after?

(p.s. just finished a free christian romantic fiction novel that I got in the mail....that'll teach me.....)

and yes, I realize the grass is always greener.....thanks for the reminder Heather! :-) 


Becky said...

I think "happily ever after" is not a reality experienced by very many people, whether single or married or somewhere in between. Only Disney princesses get that luxury.

That Girl said...

When you least expect it, expect it... and don't expect it to be exactly what you've been expecting!

Heather said...

Just remember, the grass is always greener on the other side!

jaime s said...

I love what "that girl" said, "and don't expect it to be exactly what you've been expecting!"

God has an AWESOME way of giving us so much more than what we could hope for (and boy was my list long). Several things appeared to be not what I wanted and then I later realized it was what I needed.

Still praying for you while you wait! I know it's difficult. I am sending a blog hug your way!

J-Wild said...

I have to tell you Jenni, you definitely deserve and are certainly worth a "Happily Ever After!" I really hope you find it this year, but if you don't it still won't change the facts in my first sentence.