Monday, January 19, 2009


I had a great visit this weekend from my whole family.....they got here just before dinner on Friday - we ordered pizza from a little neighborhood pizza joint. Yummy!

Saturday morning we got up and I cooked biscuits and gravy. We headed out to run some errands.....on the hunt for new computers for my parents and me, some stuff for Emily and to take a tour of my new offices.

After stops at Babies R Us, Best Buy and Office Depot, we headed to eat lunch at Lover's Egg Roll. After that we headed to my new office. As we got out of the car, we realized that Emily had quite the enormous blowout poopy diaper. It was out her diaper and through all her clothes and required a full bath in the bathroom sink! Ick.

We headed to Office Depot after that and bought new computers! It is so fun. I have a laptop now so that I will be able to enjoy blogs and email from my couch while catching up on DVR'd shows!!

Phillip agreed to cook for us Saturday night and served a very yummy dinner - steak and boneless pork ribs!

Yesterday was church, lunch and then exploring the liquidation sale at Circuit City on the hunt for a new DVD player for me!

After a yummy breakfast at a new-to-me diner type restaurant, they all headed home and I am enjoying a day off work! Doing laundry (lots of extra sheets and towels after having a full house!) and playing with my new computer. I am so very thankful for my tech guru Daddy. He got my laptop out of the box for me, username setup and my wireless all working. Now the rest is up to me. I have loaded quite a bit of software and am running a backup on my old computer before I transfer over all my files.

Now I'm catching up on the first 4 hours of 24 and will be headed to work out at the YMCA with my friend Heather in a few hours....


Lana said...

We had a great time! We are so blessed to have a close family who enjoys being together --any time, any place, doing something or nothing!

Barb said...

Hi Jenni,

Biscuits and gravy just makes my husband Rob smile. He knows I hate it, and don't eat it, but when I make it for him, he's in heaven. I'm not a sausage person, but he sure is! Actually, my whole family is. I guess I'm the oddball.

Thank you for stopping by Chelsea's place today. I thought I'd tell you, the rug in my own bathroom is pure cotton (no rubber backing) and would never ruin my washer. Amazingly, the one in the main bathroom had a rubber backing, cost $20 less than my cotton one, and it's the one that wrecked my very expensive washer. Sigh.

I'm not sure a bathroom rug would get clean inside a laundry bag, so from now on, if I ever buy one with a rubber backing again, which is unlikely given the $350 I spent today to repair my washer, I will wash it at a laundromat. :-)