Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

Ok, there is this thing floating around Facebook ..... 25 random things. I'm going to post here and then tag when it makes it to into Facebook.

Here we go.

1. I have an affinity for office supplies....I have a hard time not buying pens, pads, etc just to buy them.

2. I love to read....used to check out dozens of books at a time from the library - every other day - or maybe every other week.

3. I just recently joined the DVR revolution.....and I'm already so addicted.

4. I recently gave up a guilty pleasure begun in college.....watching General Hospital every day.

5. I wish that I had my mother's skill with crossword puzzles, but I don't have the patience if I can't immediately finish the puzzle.

6. I do not need the "out of the box" experience.....I was perfectly happy to have my dad unpack my new laptop and get it started.

7. I enjoy baking more than cooking.

8. I collect thimbles.

9. I abhor horror movies.

10. I do not enjoy haunted houses.

11. I skiied for the first (and only) time my freshman year of college.

12. I would much rather be in cold weather than hot.

13. I LOVE being an aunt....

14. I don't hate yardwork....I hate yardwork in the summertime.

15. I still can't quite believe that I own my home.

16. I would much rather do dishes than clean bathrooms.

17. It really annoys me when people do not drive the speed limit on the highways.

18. I have a series of books (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) that I can read over and over and over and over again.....

19. I would rather sleep cold than warm.

20. I love to fly...even with the hassles of security in our post-911 world. I would much rather fly somewhere than drive.

21. I want to sky-dive.

22. I want to bungee jump (I think)

23. I want to fly in a hot air balloon.

24. I want to get a tattoo....problem is I don't know what!

25. I would prefer either to live in Texas or Tennessee....or maybe Colorado. Not sure I could live anywhere else.


Miss G said...

fun! I knew most of these things about you but didn't know you just recently joined the DVR revolution or that you wanted to sky dive/bungee jump. I agree with you on crossword puzzles and horror movies. Hope you're having a good Friday! KellyKelly

Donna G said...

I love office supplies too!
I seldom drive under the speed limit...I often drive over it.
I also hate horror movies.
I do not know how we made it without our DVR...I am totally addicted.

jaime s said...

Jenni--glad to see your list since I haven't seen it on fb yet!

Love it! I'm with you on horror movies...I used to watch them ALL THE TIME (teen years), now I can't even watch a preview!

Karen said...

I collect thimbles too. Have about 100 of place visited, and 15 with cats on them. Have mini hurricane lamp and antique pencil sharpener collection.

Kathy and I flew the peanuts flight to Lubbock in College in about 50 minutes. Made driving 6 hours primitive. Watching All My Children and Mash reruns in the dorm lobby was very popular.

Heather said...

I enjoy cooking much more than baking. You ought to come over some time, we'd make a dangerous pair. ;)