Thursday, December 18, 2008

New York bound

So, my family and I are headed to NYC for Christmas this year. I’ve been to the city 5 or 6 times, my parents and sis have been once (in recent years anyway), my bro-in-law never.

For any of my readers that are NYC residents, any tips/tricks/ideas for us on things that are special/different at Christmastime? We will be there 4 full days, plus the afternoon of the day we arrive. We have tickets to the Radio City Rockettes show and to a Knicks game…..everything else is pretty much up in the air at this point. My niece is 6 months old, so her schedule may dictate a bit, but we are prepared to drag her all over!


hoesayfina said...

i have never been, but it sounds like a fun little trip...enjoy yourselves! -maria

elizabeth said...

You have got to try Carmines! I think it is on 44th st. near Times Square. It is family style Italian food that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! My kids still say it is their favorite place to eat! Google Carmine's to give you more info.

Have fun!

Timothy said...

Christmas in NYC is special. Of course you'll do Rockefeller center and the tree but make sure you get out of Times Square. Explore the West Village which is great for families on foot. Bleecker street is fun and you can walk it from the West Village and across Manhattan and then down to Soho.

Also check out the park on the Westside downtown along the Hudson. It's cold outside now but you've got views of NJ and the statue of liberty. There are also playgrounds all along the way.


Anonymous said...

We saw the Rockettes at Branson in a Christmas Show. I was hearing our local radio talk show personality this morning reminiscing of when he, his wife, and daughter were there on Christmas a few years ago. They took a carriage ride on Christmas Eve night and saw snow on Christmas Day and went ice skating outdoors. That sounds like a wonderful trip.