Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Last Day

Tomorrow is our last day in the current office.  It is starting to look really bare.  It is a bit overwhelming to make sure that every.single.thing is in a crate.  Even more overwhelming is that ALL crates must be unpacked by 5 pm on Monday.  Yikes.  Even though we are not required to come in over the weekend, I think (I hope!) a lot of people will be coming in.  

I spent the morning today over at the new office, directing the unloading of our file room.  We have LOTS more space than before.  Very nice to not have to cram files onto our shelves.  The finish out of our space is not quite complete, but hopefully they will be able to wrap up the major stuff before we arrive to open up shop.....

1 comment:

Miss G said...

Why does everything have to be unpacked by 5 pm monday? y'all have been packing for a while. Why does unpacking have to occur in a day? wow Kelly