Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Recap

So, I had just written out a long post recapping the weekend.....and my browser ate it.  So, here is the bullet point list instead:

*last thurs had a half day of work because we got all packed up in a hurry!!
*spent thurs afternoon grocery shopping for upcoming party
*friday, scheduled day off due to the move - plumber came to fix drippy guest bath tub faucet & I did some party prep
*parents came in friday for some one-on-one time with me.....amazing how much I still need that at age 32!!
*went to Stars game friday night -- they won!
*lots of running on Saturday - REI (new warm things for the upcoming NYC trip), Target, lunch with my aunt & uncle, Sam's, Hobby Lobby, cinema to see the new James Bond
*church - showing off our new family life center
*yummy lunch at Fuddrucker's.....with some NYC trip planning mixed in
*up to the new office after waving bye to m&d.....
*3+ hours of unpacking/settling
*ALL boxes and crates out of my new office!!!! :-)

Now I'm crashing for a bit to relax before heading to bed.  T-16 days to NYC!!!


Miss G said...

aaaaahhh! I am sooo excited for your new york trip and that you have a new office! yippee! We are also so excited about the party. I've got to get some warm stuff too for Pittsburgh/Montreal! Kelly

p.s. I love that you used the word cinema. :)

jch said...

hey jennie, i think i missed the post about your offices moving to nyc. what does that mean for you, personally?

and yeah, my aunt made our stockings. i've never seen anymore like them. glad to know they have some distant cousins out there. :)