Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today was Board Meeting Day at work.....which means lots of running around stressed crazy folks up until about 9:30 am when the meeting starts. Because I was out yesterday playing with Emily, my morning was a bit more hectic than usual!! Thankfully it is all over now. But it is amazing how crazy it can be to try to get caught up from just one day out of the office!

Tonight I plan to begin my Christmas decorating! I'm going to at least haul it all out and start to unpack. I may try to do some purging as I incorporate new things I've bought for this year. And I'm planning to try and pack up more of the "normal" stuff than I usually do - so maybe my house won't feel so overwhelmingly decorated when I am done.

Now, a question for the bloggy you know of any battery powered (or solar?) Christmas lights that are outdoor friendly? I have no plug on the front of my house and don't really want to string a cord from the garage (across the walkway) or from the back of the house all the way around through the bushes. But, I'd like to have lights on this new metal tree that will go in my front flowerbed. Any ideas??

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dancedivam said...

Use a photocell with an outlet, similar to this one: