Monday, November 10, 2008

Texas travels

Yesterday I drove through some beautiful country. Lots of small towns from Early to Zephyr to Bozar to Lometa and more in and through central Texas. Four lane highways, but not freeways. Having to actually pay attention to road signs and make turns! I'm pretty used to just getting on the Interstate and going straight.

The drive yesterday was as long as it always is back home, but didn't feel nearly as long. Those back roads are just more relaxing to drive than fighting the 18 wheelers. I knew that from our family travels in Tennessee, but it was reaffirmed for me even driving here in Texas.

I even saw the Goat Meat Capital of America .... do you know where it is? Mills County!


elizabeth said...

I always love taking the smaller roads! Since I work in home care, I get to take lots of smaller farm to market roads and love seeing the beautiful countryside.

Miss G said...

Now if it was the goat cheese capital of America, I'd be there!

So fun! We like to do this so much too and may even take a "roadtrip" on the out of the way roads on the way to Houston for Thanksgiving this year. Yea for gas prices going down! Kelly