Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In about 3 weeks, my work will be moving offices. You think moving a family and home is difficult? Try packing up 40 people (just in my subsidiary), file rooms, supply rooms, conference rooms, junk storage and getting it all ready to move.

Your kids ask lots of questions about how and where and when? Imagine 40 grown adults (some of whom are control freaks and perfectionists) asking all those same questions.

I'm responsible for all our stuff that is going to offsite storage rather than making the move to our new office space. Thankfully, I don't have to box it all up, but I do maintain the database detailing each box's ID number and contents. So far we've sent about 40 boxes offsite. There will be another pickup of probably 60 or 70 boxes before we move.

I'm also responsible for cleaning out our accounting file room and making plans for how the new file room will be organized. I get to box up stuff to send to storage and pitch lots of OLD stuff in the garbage. Because, really, if it hasn't been touched in the 10 years we've been in this office, what are the chances that we really need to keep it? And those folks that don't work here anymore? Their stuff that just got crammed in a drawer? We really don't need to keep it either!!

Today, I get to go learn how to use our new telephones. It is a 2 hour training session. Yes, you heard me right. A 2 hour training session to learn how to use the phone. Sound crazy? A little. But I think our new phones are supposed to be pretty slick. Tied into our email and magically a fax machine as well. And this way, the IT folks get us in small groups to learn the phones and get all our defaults set before the move so they can focus on things like computers and networks and servers and printers after the move.

A 2 hour training for a phone still sounds a little pointless to me, but we'll see.

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