Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is the first Saturday in a while that I've been home with no schedule. I had plans to work in my front flowerbeds in preparation for a new Christmas decor item that will be going up next week, but with no timetable, I was able to sleep in until about 9:00. Dressed and ate breakfast, had my first Google Video chat with my parents (MUCH easier than Skype, by the way) then headed outside.

I have decided that I don't hate yardwork. I hate yardwork in the summertime. I had an enjoyable morning outside today - it was about 55 degrees - dressed in scrubs, a tshirt and sweatshirt. It was perfect.

So, to the project at hand. More than a year ago, I had some rather hideous bushes removed from the front flowerbeds. I have recently decided on what needs to be done there and what I want to plant. First order of business and task for today: remove the brick edging.

Here is the before (and to echo all my friends' frustrations - why is Blogger all of a sudden posting pictures backwards?!? had to do some planning to get these in the right way)

The bricks are out! All 158 of them (yes, I counted). It only took about 45 minutes, sitting on the driveway and knocking out the dirt, snails, and earthworms. Also took the opportunity to pull up some particularly ugly weeds by the root.

And the transplanted bricks......along the side of my garage in a particularly useless piece of back yard. Yes, I lifted carefully (from the legs, not the back) and took stacks of 4-5 at a time.

In among trips to the back, I used my yard rake to spread out, break up, and even out the dirt in the front bed. Still isn't perfect, but is much better. While I was digging in the dirt, I found all manner of crazy objects. Including, but not limited to: a golf ball, a tennis ball, a piece of rebar, a padlock, a child's spiderman skull cap, marker, pencil, and at least two spoons. Guess the boys living in the house before me liked to play in and around those old bushes!!

Next order of business will be to get someone (not me, preferably) to till the soil up, set new weed barrier (is that really necessary?), put in some stepping stones and plants! But this will do until after Christmas, at least.

While I was outside and in the working mode, I also moved stacks of wooden posts that are in my backyard as bed edging to the front for pickup. Most of these had rotted out and fallen over. So over the past two years, I've just been piling them up. Today was the day for transport. This is just about half of the posts. The rest would have required a little more effort to get up and I was tired by this time.

Resting now before I finish getting ready to go to dinner with my friend Sarah tonight. Also just turned on my heater for the first time - it felt good for the house to be 55 degrees after I finished working, but once I cleaned up and cooled off, it was quite chilly!!


Lana said...

Looks good. GLad you got it cleaned up for your "company" this week!

Miss G said...

WOW!!! That looks fantastic! I am impressed with the brick removal and can't wait until the reveal of your new Christmas item! I already posted the thankful "garland" thing I made but I too had a productive Saturday (and Friday and today) and should post some pics of the progress. Kelly