Monday, November 03, 2008

Sad day

I have a confession. I love Wal-Mart. I love Target, too. But at heart I am a Wal-Mart girl.

When I moved to the big city, I was very sad that there was not a Wal-Mart convenient to me. So, I transitioned to being a full time Target girl. The prices weren't as good, though some of the finds were much better.

Then, I bought a house. Within 2 minutes of my house is a Wal-Mart. Granted, it is a bit ghetto. I don't get the great deals that are sometimes found a newer, bigger Wal-Marts. I often feel out of place in the store and get lots of stares when I go in after church on a Sunday morning!

But --- it is Wal-Mart. And it is so very close to my house. Easy for the mid-project run to get more potting soil - or gas for the lawn mower!

I found out last night that my beloved Wal-Mart is closing. Boo. I knew that they were building a new super center inside the loop not too far away. They had been advertising jobs for the past few months. BUT, I didn't know that they were going to close my Wal-Mart! So, now I don't have Wal-Mart as convenient any more. Nor is there a Target very close. I guess I'll just have to look at a map to see how far I have to drive to shop either place.

But on the bright side, maybe it'll save me money?


Jim said...

Not good for gas fill-ups either!

Lana said...

I feel your pain!

Miss G said...

boo hoo! Kelly

Jerilyn said...

Ok, forgive me for more than one comment, but I just found your blog (through your Facebook)...

I will agree, that WalMart was definitely a bit ghetto. I almost always left there with my blood pressure elevated and my frustration level high...

...but darn it...if it wasn't the closest WalMart to my condo!!! (And, yes....I have two Targets MUCH closer...but still went to WalMart for my 'basics').

It sounds like you don't live more than ten minutes north of me (I'm near Mockingbird and 75)