Sunday, November 30, 2008


Finally.....November 30 is here.  Whew.  I am tired of posting on this blog.  It hasn't been all bad.  But I am ready to go back to posting about what I want and when I want, rather than feeling compelled to post every day.

Made it home a bit ago after an uneventful drive back from my parent's house. This morning we were joined at church by Phillip's parents and grandparents and my granddaddy for a blessing of Emily.  It was very sweet and she was mostly good in church. Being out of her element the past several days has meant that her naps are short or non-existent. She was a little fussy in church, but finally fell asleep on mommy.

Now unpacking and settling back in.....and ready for a mad dash week to the Big Office Move later this week.

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Bryan & Tracey said...

Ha! I titled my post today that same thing!! I'm glad November is over too. :) I hope you have a great week at work.