Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chocolate.....and another project!

Last Saturday I attended a charity auction supporting Christian Works for Children. This was our dessert - doesn't it look fabulous? The tree is pure white chocolate - and they even had plastic bags and twisties for us to be able to take the tree home! We had a great dinner, wonderful entertainment from Mark Schultz, and silent & live auctions.

And now on to another home project! The first picture might not quite tell the story - so I'll explain. In my entry hall there was a fairly hideous gold and glass fixture. I disliked it so much that I've never taken a photo of it! The kicker though, is that the installation was way off center. So, after a failed attempt to just cover up the mess, I caved and brought my handyman David back to move the electrical connections.

He finished all the patching and texturing yesterday, so it was time to hang the fixture. I still probably should prime and paint, but who knows if that will actually happen anytime soon!

It is up, but will it work?

Not the first try....but after making the connections better, yes! It works!

And the finished product!

This tool is the new one for this project.....unfortunately, the screws that were included to attach the base of the lamp to the electrical box were too long!!! So, David suggested just cutting them off with a hacksaw. Which I now own. My left thumb might be numb for a while due to holding the screws while I sawed, but they came off perfectly!!


Amy L said...

Very nice - good job!

That Girl said...

You make me very proud! I don't get to take full credit for home improvement projects any more but I do as much as I can (and give LOTS of advice!)

Miss G said...

First of all, I think EVERYONE I knew was at the auction except me. :(

Also, way to go!!! That new light fixture looks great! I am so impressed with your skills! Your husband is going to be so impressed that you own a hacksaw! Kelly