Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fall TV

I will admit.....I watch a fair amount of TV. I generally try to not add too many hours to my TV watching each fall when all the new shows premiere. Most shows won't start again for another several weeks. However Fox and the CW are both starting shows now.

Last week, One Tree Hill and 90210 premiered. I watched them both. I know I am hooked to OTH (my friend Sarah and I even text each other through the show) and whether 90210 holds a permanent place in my TV watching is still to be determined.

Tonight I am watching a new show by J.J. Abrams on Fox called Fringe. So far it is pretty freaky. Notwithstanding the cuteness of Joshua Jackson, I'm not sure this show will make the cut. We'll see......


Miss G said...

Wait a minute. you know me, I don't know a thing about what's on tv, but 90210 like the show that was on when we were growing up? Kelly

Whitney said...

I'll admit it, I watch OTH and 90210 religiously. It's a habit that I cannot break- even at 33.