Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching up.....

Last weekend and into the week I had a house full of family.....Daddy had a conference, so Mom, Heather & Emily tagged along.

Miss Emily had a bath each night in my kitchen sink......

enjoyed wrapping up in her pink towel after each bath.....

got to officially meet Cookie Monster (bought when I was a baby for my grandparents house) -- one of these days, she'll enjoy cookies at Aunt Jenni's house from the Cookie Monster!

Mom & Heather worked on planning several sewing of which is a high chair strap thing that would work in any chair.....Emily wasn't real excited to be used as a measuring tool!

I enjoyed all my sweet Emily time.....including showing her off at church! My house sure was quiet after they left!

Little miss also turned 14 weeks while she was here, so the weekly photo was taken in my rocking chair. Mommy has a better photo posted on her blog but here is one I snapped.

another little house project this of the fun things I love about my kitchen is the undercounter lights. However, as with many other things in the house, the previous owners just didn't do things quite right. These lights are installed okay, but they had brown duct tape over the cords. While I appreciate the idea to camoflauge the white, it really was tacky looking. In several places there were also thumbtacks holding up the tape.

So, I finally decided to rip the tape off.
The tape was old and crusty, so it shed lots of dust. Thankfully, it only took a little elbow grease, a razor blade and plenty of Goo Gone to get all the tape residue off the visible cabinets! Then I just stapled the wires up. While the white wires aren't real pretty, I think it is a marked improvement over the tape and thumbtacks.

I didn't scrape all the residue off from under the counters that aren't visible. But did staple those wires up too. Oh, and between the cabinets, where the cords run up to be plugged in? There was plenty of tape and thumbtacks as well. So, I took a thin sheet of cardboard, cut to size and stapled to the base of the cabinet.


Lana said...

Cords do look better than the tape! Glad you worked on that without going too far overboard. I know you'll feel better about it.

the Whitelaws said...

Love the picture of you and Emily! You look great!

Whitney said...

Looks like you had a fun time with little Emily- what a great Aunt!