Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 Years

Wow. I can hardly believe that I have been in my house 2 years as of yesterday.

I arranged for measurements to be made to add a screen/storm door to my front entry last week and as I was adding the cost of that addition to my basis in the house, I realized just how much I have done!

Here are all the projects I have done (or have contracted) in the past two years (at least the ones I can remember off the top of my head!!):

  • re-convert garage
  • insulate all pipes beneath house
  • replace locks on all exterior doors
  • remove non-functioning ice maker in kitchen and replace with cabinet
  • remove hot tub and convert area into outdoor entertaining cabana
  • install bird bath and plant flowers
  • replace front porch light fixture
  • replace door bell
  • paint front door
  • paint office
  • paint master bedroom
  • remodel master bathroom
  • put down scrap wood in attic to serve as flooring
  • install additional smoke detectors
  • replace HVAC unit (indoor and out)
  • install lights in closets
  • chop down unruly bushes in front yard
  • install shelving in garage
  • build headboard for guestroom bed
  • removed interlocking foam squares from garage floor
  • removed crazy built-in cabinet above guest room tub

And of course, there are still projects on the list (in no particular order - and I'm sure there are more to come):

  • replace all windows in the house with ones that are more energy efficient
  • install sprinkler system
  • rework living room to back yard doors/windows
  • replace all ductwork in order to fully appreciate the efficiency of my new HVAC unit (add vents at the very least in both bathrooms and additional vents in kitchen)
  • landscaping work in back yard
  • repair fence
  • landscaping work in front yard
  • replace entry hall light
  • replace blinds on all windows

Yikes - that is still quite an intimidating list! But I am thoroughly enjoying all the new things I've learned to do.....and enjoying have the space to entertain family and friends. I am truly blessed.


Miss G said...

wow! You have done so much and that doesn't even count some of the furniture/decorating/organizing things like your curtain rod above your bed, painting the piano bench, aquiring the cool column for beside your chair, making your painted word canvases, etc., etc.

So wonderful! Kelly

Lana said...

I guess you need to add a few more things to your list!

Lisa said...

Hi Jenni ~ I tend to read your blog often, but don't ever comment. It's fun to read about all of your projects on your house, as I seem to be doing some of the same things at my house. I should write mine down too - I'm sure I would be amazed, as well. Looks like you've done a great job with it all. Blessings to you. ~ Lisa K