Saturday, August 02, 2008

Back in the game

After several crazy months of home renovation projects, my niece being born and just plain busyness, I finally hosted another dinner party tonight! It was March 31 (which was the second party for March) the last time I had anyone over. And looking at my calendar for August, it was high time for me to get something scheduled, seeing as how there is only one other weekend I'll be in town this month - and I already have 2 things on the calendar for that Saturday!

So, tonight I enjoyed having Brent & Kimberly, Mat & Shanna and Holly over for a yummy (easy) dinner of taco salad and strawberry shortcake. It was fun to hang out and visit - Brent & Kimberly just got back from living a year in Paris (yes, France!), so they had lots of stories to tell. And I really enjoyed showing off the completion of all my projects! Especially since Kimberly is the one who helped me buy the house - I really wanted her to see all I had done!

Since dinner was pretty easy to put together, I didn't have a lot on the agenda for today. I had plans to paint the legs of my piano bench someday soon - and decided to do it today! My friend Kelly is always doing last minute projects/redecorations right before a party in her home and I felt like I was channeling her a bit today. I usually make sure all the projects are completely done and put away before I have folks over!


Lana said...

So where's the picture of the piano bench? Sometimes it's easier to do a bunch when you're busy!

Whitney said...

I hope you had fun with Mat & Shanna- they're some odd ones... JK! I love my bro & sis in law!