Thursday, July 17, 2008


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.....the one where I get a whole new heating and a/c unit. (I was going to type HVAC, but since the vent/ducting won't be replaced right now, that is not a completely correct statement.)

Since the technician that the warranty company sent told me that I really needed to replace the whole condenser unit, but, of course, did not communicate that at all to the warranty company, all they were willing to do was replace the compressor. And they continued to stress that they are a "repair" company, not a "replacement" company, so there was no way to upgrade the amount they would pay out. (But frankly, I wasn't willing to just do the repair and have to deal with all this drama again at any point!!!) So, after waiting 4 1/2 days for a phone call, transferring through at least 3 supervisors, all the money they will give me is what they would have paid the service company for the compressor (about $500). And of course, since they are a big, national company, they are able to cut deals and get equipment for cheaper than the average joe. (of course cheaper equipment probably isn't the greatest deal of all time either!!) Quite frustrating, but not at all surprising.

I have liked the repair company that was recommended to me so far -- they have been great to deal with, talk with, and learn from. And tomorrow they will be putting in my whole new unit!!!

Now that the inside and outside units match, they should be much more efficient and it gets me a GREAT warranty. Parts/labor for first year; parts only on the AC for 10 years and on the heat exchanger for 20 years! And next spring when I have saved back up some money and will get the old, uninsulated, poorly designed duct work system replaced and reconfigured and a few more vents cut, I will be able to realize the full efficiency of this great new unit!

So excited. Very glad to be able to move back home and not be living out of a suitcase and laundry basket anymore. My savings account is not so excited.....oh, well. Yet another joy of home ownership....


That Girl said...

Hmmm... you've done a lot of improving there - are you willing to sell? :)

Miss G said...

YEA!!! Kelly

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

We're in Dave Ramsey mode right now and if I was in your shoes, it would make me feel great that we had some savings to pay for stuff like this. We have some savings, but we're still working on it.

The bad thing about savings is that you work so hard to get it and then when you spend it, you have to work to get it back.

I am glad that you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.