Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Master Bedroom

So, the master bedroom re-decorating project was an add-on to the Great Bathroom Remodel of 2008. But I am so happy with it! I am done! I will be working with my bookshelves some still, moving some books from my living room, but the projects are done.

I can't find any "before" pictures....guess I never really took any? Or they are just hiding from me right now. The closest I can find is this one from last Christmas - which only tells you that my bed was under the window and the walls were a creamy beige color.

Then in January, I got a piano and it was near the outside door to my side yard (by the bathroom)

And now (photo taken standing in the doorway from the hall) you can see that my piano is where the bed was under the window and the bed is where the piano was by the door!

a close up of the photos over my bed.....(R-L) a yellow flower from my
New York trip a couple of years ago, sweet Emily in her carseat, a cool mosiac tile J taken from the entry to EJ's Luncheonette where we ate Sunday brunch in New York, Heather Emily & I in the hospital, and one more close up of Emily. Can you tell I love that precious girl? (oh, and how I got the frames to hang straight? screw-in eyes.....just drilled a little pilot hole in each corner and screwed them in.....)

and opposite the bed (photo taken from the bathroom door), my dresser from babyhood (and yes, those yellow knobs are original!) that has been painted over and over and over again, my great IKEA paintings (a find courtesy of my friend Sarah) and a cool vase I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. In the green frame is a great 4 generation photo - my granddaddy, Heather, Emily & Mom. Emily is wrapped in the yellow crochet blanket that
grandmommy made.


Miss G said...

It looks GREAT!!! WAY TO GO! What are the flowers in the vase? They look good from here! Love that you used pics from NY, particularly the J!!! Kelly

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Wow! It looks great in there! What a bold color choice! I love how bright it is in your room. The great thing about being single is that you can have a white bed and it will stay white. Hubby and kids would destroy that in about 6 seconds.

Amy L said...

It looks great! I love how the pictures came out. Don't be surprised if you see something similar once we decorate the new house. I think that would be great for Claire's new room - there will be lots of big wall space.