Friday, July 11, 2008

It's getting HOT in here.....

Summertime in word HOT!!!

I've made no bones about the fact that I'm a wimp and really really love my air conditioning. Imagine my consternation when, about 5 am yesterday, I heard some popping noises coming from my a/c unit outside (it is right by my bedroom and I was starting to wake up anyway). I walked outside and a burning odor clung to the air. The fan was no longer running, though the blower was running inside the house.


I got ready for work in the normal fashion - it wasn't really too bad. I was afraid of what I would face when I got home from work, however. When I got to work I called in a service request from my home warranty service because I knew it wasn't going to fix itself.

Yesterday was a hot day.....near 100 degrees.

I got home about 7:00 pm and it was 85 degrees in my house. Ick. Immediately turned on all the fans just to keep some air moving.

I slept surprisingly well, considering. Much better than my family did those first couple of nights on our vacation to Germany when it was hot hot hot and our hotels didn't have a/c (of course, we didn't have our luggage either!!)

This morning it was miserable. It was 90 in my bedroom. And 80 outside. You know it is bad when you sit outside in July to put on makeup because the breeze is cooler than the air in your house!!! I think it is the first time ever that I've gone to work with wet hair because I just couldn't bear to heat myself up more with the blow dryer.

The repair guys are scheduled to come this afternoon. From talking with folks at work, it sounds like the fan motor probably died, which hopefully will be a quick and easy fix. I might have to take myself to a movie tonight while my house cools off though!!

Stay tuned for more adventures in home ownership!


jettybetty said...

The exact same thing happened to us last weekend--we went to bed with the temp 95 degrees inside! I am a wimp, too--and very thankful for air conditioning repair people!!!
Hope your unit is fixed today.

That Girl said...

been there - done that. I got to buy an entire unit.

Sarah B said...

So sorry for you, Friend! You're welcome to join me at small group tonight :)

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry. We've been there before, except I was staying at home with the kids at the time and had no where to go to escape the heat. We walked around the mall and lunched at McDonalds the first day, but by DAY THREE we were so over it. Hope it's fixed soon!

Whitney said...

Uh, how miserable! I hope your day gets better from here & that the AC gets fixed pronto!

Lana said...

At least you were able to get some sleep! Hard to sleep when you're hot. Hope it's fixed soon -- and easily!

SG said...

I made the news one year when our air conditioner broke...and i still am not sure how or why. ANYWAY I hope it is a quick fix and they don't have to order a part! heaven knows those "parts" seem to be scarce. Also be so thankful for that home warrantee. We had one and then let it lapse. but decided to pick it back up after a $800 air conditioner repair bill. It's $ well spent! :) PS stay with a friend if it's not fixed soon. It's too hot to stick it out! :)