Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another decorating project

I am so almost done decorating my room......but I needed some major design inspiration for the large empty wall above my bed. My friend Kelly provided a great idea (based, I believe, on an idea from her sister-in-law)......then it was just on to the execution.

So, here is the before (and picture that the wall keeps on going to the right for another six feet or so)

measuring, taping, leveling.....

yes, that is a curtain rod hung above my bed!

and the (more or less) finished product.....still need to decide on which photos to enlarge and fill the frames and trim the ribbons

I'm also trying to figure out how to keep the frames from swinging. The center frame (8x10) has two hangers on the back, so it is pretty stable. The two smaller frames (5x7) seem to be doing okay with just the ribbon. It is the square frames (7x7) that are giving me the most grief. Do I just let them twist? Do I try to adhere some other "eyes" on the back to string the ribbon through -- would that be secure enough? I don't really want to glue the ribbon to the frames in case I want to change out ribbon, but I guess that is one option. Any ideas from other home decorators out there??

I'll post full before and after photos when this project is complete!!


Anonymous said...

Use poster putty to hold the frames in place. It won't harm the wall or the frames.

Jenni said...

great idea -- but, the frames are not up against the wall!

Amy L said...

That is super cute! I may have to borrow that idea rather than by the expensive framing system I've had my eye on. Much more creative - and economical!

I think the idea of using the eyes is a good one. That still allows you to change out the ribbon and seems like it would make them stable like the 8x10 frame.

Miss G said...

It looks great!!! kelly