Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A/C Update

So, still waiting to hear from the warranty company about how much money they will give me for the a/c repairs.....the phone call should come today (I hope!!!)

Since I am doing more work than they would "require," I can use my own contractor! Yeah! I asked a friend at church for a recommendation and talked with her folks yesterday. It is nice to call a service company, tell them by whom I was referred, and hear "oh yes, she has been a client of ours for a long time!" I had a nice long chat with the lady, learned way more than I ever wanted to know about a/c, and feel pretty good about using them full time going forward! They are coming out to assess things today -- from our discussion yesterday, I will actually probably go ahead and replace the entire unit - inside and out. A little more costly now, but more of a cost benefit for the long haul.

Moving to my friend Kelly's tonight. We were supposed to hang out at my house for her to see all my completed projects. But, since that can't happen, I'm just going to her place to hang out, do laundry and spend the night!

And the saga continues.....


That Girl said...

The joys of ownership.

Actually, it IS nice to have the ability to take care of problems. I've been in the apartment for one month and the A/C condenser is clogged and leaking. It has made several wet places in the guest room. The manager was called... he made a visit... still I can hear the water running. I stuck a trash can under the leak in the duct work and have fixed the problem myself.

If I OWNED the property, I could have it fixed properly but no... I've got to whine and complain (to no avail!)

SG said...

Air conditioners never break in the winter do they? :) Hope it all goes well and you get to go home soon!

Sarah B said...

sorry it's not fixed yet, Friend! You're getting to cash in on favors and the love of friends (but I know you're ready for your own bed again!) keep us posted.