Sunday, June 08, 2008


So, my mom came and stayed with me again this weekend. The baby was due on Friday, but apparently didn't get the memo.....we're still waiting for him/her to make an appearance!!

Friday night I met Mom, Heather & Phillip at Jason's Deli for dinner, then we jumped on the DART train and headed home. A quick change of clothes, then Mom & I headed out to shop for a new mirror for my bathroom remodel and a new ceiling fan for the next project (stay tuned!!).

Ended up deciding not to buy a new mirror, but did find a great fan that I think will be a perfect addition. This project will commence once the bathroom and painting are done, so hide and watch!

Saturday, I mowed the yard, started some weeds dying with RoundUp, trimmed the crepe myrtle in the front and watered the yard. Started some laundry, then we headed out for a few errands.

Bought a couple of baby presents, shopped for curtain fabric for my guest bathroom, antique shopped and randomly ran into my good friend Kelly and her mom in a McKinney antique store!

Today after church, met Heather & Phillip for lunch to hand Mom back over to them and headed to baby shower #1. Came home and crashed for a nap and now I'm ready to enjoy the premiere of HGTV Design Star and Army Wives.


Miss G said...

yea! it totally made my day to run into y'all! I was so happy. Your bathroom's looking good! Can't wait to see it in person. That was so sweet of you to give your sister roses! They were beautiful! So thoughtful! Kelly

Amy L said...

It was good to see you yesterday! Hope your new niece or nephew gets the message that it's time to come out soon. :)