Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend update

Mom came and spent the night with me on Friday night to enable Phillip, Heather and Emily to have their first night at home by themselves. It was good for them to have time to figure out how the nights at home will work! Plus, Mom & I were headed to the Trietsch reunion on Saturday morning, so it made for a much more economical use of gas!!

Saturday morning, we got up and headed north for the reunion. Sold a few new family tree books and passed around photos of miss Emily!

Today, I went to church and then picked up lunch and headed over to spend a few hours with the family. Enjoyed watching miss Emily in her bouncy seat while we enjoyed burritos from Freebirds. After Heather fed Emily, she headed back for a nap and I enjoyed hanging out with Emily in my arms. She slept for a while and then started to wake up, ready for more food (feeding is going much better, by the way....though prayers that it would continue would be appreciated)!! I took a few photos (read: few=47) while Emily was waking up. I am only going to post a few of my favorites - especially those closeups of her little feet and hands!


jaime s said...

Congrats, Auntie!! We've been out of town for awhile and I am catching up on blogs! Emily is PRECIOUS!!

Also glad to know there's another Design Star fan out there! I got Darla hooked last season!

Keri said...

She is just adorable Jenni!! How fun. A new baby is always worth celebrating. Congratulations on being an aunt.

Sarah B said...

Great pics. I'm also catching up on blogs - will be spotty this week! Looks like you're enjoying every minute. :)

hoesayfina said...

Congrats. Wonderful pictures. I love the ones of her hands and feet. She's adorable. Your sister will appreciate your wonderful photography. -maria

Cara said...

I'm so glad you're posting all these pictures! I can't wait to see Emily again!

jessica said...

that is sooo cute