Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up

Well, the Spring Reading Thing is over once was my list:

Anne of Green Gables series -- read all 8 books. LOVED them. (well, there were one or two that I skimmed, but overall loved the series)

Chronicles of Narnia -- haven't even started! I have the first book in my bag, ready to start, but haven't yet. Some other things came up that just took away a lot of my reading time.


Julie said...

Oh, I have two sets of the Anne series lol! Really good books, and it's great that you got to read them all for the challenge. Good job!

Katrina said...

Good job reading the whole Anne series, Jenni! Thanks again for being part of the Spring Reading Thing!

Much Ado said...

Love, love, love Anne of Green Gables series!!! Narnia is great too. What a good idea to read series for the challenge.