Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday in Suburbia

Typical Saturday morning in suburbia.....yardwork!

I intended to sleep late this morning, but I woke up about 7. I lounged for a little while before getting up and getting started.

Enjoyed my chocolate chip bagel on my new outside was so nice! The breeze was strong enough that I didn't even need to turn on the fan.

Then off to the mowing.....mowed the front and turned on the sprinklers, then headed to the back yard for the real work. The project last week of trimming up the photinias left a yucky mess of old dead leaves and twigs that needed to be collected and bagged. I used my yard rake to pull everything out in the yard and then started to bag. Midpoint through the first bag I was starting to get tired and wondered if I could really get it all done!

At this point I had an epiphany.....when I moved in, I bought a leaf blower. I thought, hmm, do I remember that it was also a vacuum/mulcher? And it was! Once I figured out how to attach everything and the most comfortable way to hold the collection bag, the job was much easier. Four bags of leaf/twig mulch later, I finished the last of the mulching with the lawnmower.

Yet more evidence that the right tools make any job easier!

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Miss G said...

so true! glad you remembered it! i enjoy reading about your home owning adventures so much. kelly