Monday, June 02, 2008

Cleaning out.....

So, I've decided it is time to do some spring far, it is just in my office. I think it will spread to other areas of my house - and this is a good thing!

Tonight I recycled/shreddded many things from college:

  • Every newsletter from my college government activites --> recycled.
  • Information/newsletters from spring break campaigns (mission trips) --> recycled.
  • Signup/attendance sheets from Sing Song sophmore/junior years (which included ID#s (aka SSNs) from each participant --> shredded!!
  • My paystubs and time sheets (including my SSN) --> shredded!!

Yikes. It makes me cringe to even think that I had so many people's confidential information! I'm so glad schools have moved away from using the SSN as the identifier for students! Identity theft is way too easy as it is without spelling it out so specifically.


dancedivam said...

Did you happen to scan any of the SA newsletters first? Some of the ones Andy wrote were pretty humorous.

I always hated that schools used SSNs as identifiers. That always seemed stupid and careless of them to me.

:) Meredith

MattandSara said...

I would personally like to thank you for shredding all that personal info. That is so scary...not that YOU would do anything with it, but to think of all the places I have left my SSN. Yikes.

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

That is so like your class to actually take attendance at Sing Song practices! We were lucky if the director showed up. OK, we weren't that bad, but I think we were only required to attend like 2 practices.