Monday, May 12, 2008

Remodel update

We're 5 days in.....things are starting to take shape, but there is plenty to do still! If you want to see more photos, jump over here.

I worked from home this afternoon and was able to catch a photo of David and Alfonso in action....

......and at their lunch break on my back patio

Why was I working from home this afternoon? Well, it is because I was waiting for a TV repair guy from Best Buy. A few weeks ago, my 10 month old TV started turning itself off randomly. The power would completely blank out. Then it would be back on later all by itself. Annoying.

So, I called it in, and of course, the first day the tech came out, the TV was working perfectly. But he ordered a new circuit board anyway. Today he came out to install it.....15 minutes later my TV was back in operation. I took a quick snap of the inside of my LCD tv. It's pretty amazing all the guts that are required to make it work!

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Miss G said...

so exciting!