Friday, May 23, 2008


I spent the first couple days this past week at a conference in Austin. This conference includes a lunch where you sit at tables of 10 with perfect strangers. Well, you sit with strangers if you don't have any co-workers or friends with you at the conference.

I think of myself as somewhat outgoing. However, those two days, at those two meals, I felt completely invisible. The first day I was not even spoken to at all. The second day, I was barely included in a couple of comments because I inadvertently sat in between several folks from the same company.

I generally don't mind being by myself and enjoy traveling to these conferences as a change of pace from the normal routine of work. But, for that hour those two days, I wanted to run screaming from the room. Which, of course, I didn't do. I did eat as quickly as possible and then left to find other things to do for the remainder of the time until the next session started.


Last night I was invited to a middle school choir program. The kids picked songs from the 1960s and choreographed a routine with the song. It was cute, but made me feel old! I dimly remember middle school....and wouldn't wish going back to that era on anyone.


Sarah B said...

Are other CPAs hard to start conversations with?

A middle school choir concert....really? I only ever enjoyed them because they were my students. Bless you :) Of course - I do want to "return" to that age group - but not as that age!!!!

hoesayfina said...

I know what you mean about being left to feel invisible. Sometimes I have felt inaudible, you know when you can be speaking and the very next second it's as if you didn't say a thing. There is no impact in the conversation and in fact the conversation goes on as if you weren't even standing there. I say that to say what it has shown me, especially recently, is to make sure that others feel and know that they are valued. Because sometimes it's going to be me that doesn't hear or see the person who is alone when I am among friends/family. So, the Lord has convicted me, and this post has helped me to remember to "see" and "hear" others because they are loved by God and subsequently loved by me. Of course it takes Jesus' heart to do thankful that He chose to live in us!

In fact, one on of the things that the Lord has been leading me to encourage my children in is that in Matthew 22 Jesus basically says, "Love God and Love other people."

Oh and I am so with you about Jr. High. I still remember being outright made fun of one day for the outfit I was wearing. So, no thank you to taking a time machine back to 1989!

thanks for sharing...-maria