Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home Again

Yes, you guessed right....I was in Austin for a couple of days for a CPE conference.

I had a rental car while I was there.....a nice, new Nissan Altima. It was the first time I've driven a car since I got my Durango before Christmas. Kinda strange feeling....the really strange thing, though, was this is what the key looked like:

It's not even a real key! It was very strange to have a push-button start and not really need this key for anything once I was in the car!

While I was gone, my shower is back!


Britney K said...

That's the car I have! I LOVE IT b/c I never have to find my keys in my purse... until I get home. If only it would work on our front door. HA!

Amy said...

We test drove an Altima before deciding on the Accord, and we had some hesitation with that key. I liked the convenience, but they are SO expensive to replace if you lose one!