Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in the world of technology

The past two days, our internet connection at work has been down. That meant no work email, no personal email, no blogs, no time-killing surfing the net.

It also meant that our connection to our corporate headquarters was broken. Thus, several of my main sources of work were unavailable due to the location of the data and servers. Made for a couple of interesting days trying to stay productive. And, of course, there were folks that griped and whined all day long.

But, tonight, it appears that we are back in business. I was able to check work email from home a few minutes ago, and (thankfully!) only had 37 messages to wade through.

Kinda funny to think how crippled we were without internet and email. I think people forgot how to use the telephone and traditional fax machine!

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Miss G said...

wild! but i know what you mean. kelly