Monday, April 21, 2008

Great neighbors

Last Saturday, I mowed my lawn and then planted my first flowerbed full of flowers. In between those two tasks, I contemplated trimming the holly bushes in front of my house. They REALLY needed it (and I had borrowed my Phillip-in-law's electric hedge trimmers last week), but I wanted to save my energy for the 60 flower plants to come. So, I procrastinated, thinking I would work in the yard again one night this week and conquer those bushes.

Well, I was piddling around the house on Saturday, slowly getting ready to head out to the birthday party, and thought I heard something in my front yard. I peeked out the window in my bedroom and saw my neighbor and his son trimming my bushes for me!!! They even hauled off the clippings so I wouldn't see them piled in front of their house.

I would have assumed that it was them, but actually seeing them trim my hedges was confirmation. I debated about what to do to say thanks - since clearly they didn't want me to know - and decided that a note would suffice for now. So, I wrote a note (not letting them know that I knew for sure it was them!!) and placed it under the wiper on Scott's Explorer parked in the driveway.

One of these days, I'll take over a plate of cookies or something as well.....

It sure is nice to have good neighbors.

p.s. for those that know....the class I took a few weeks ago? well, I passed the qualification tonight!!! in a way, it was easier than I thought -- in other ways, it wasn't. but now it is over, so I'm happy!!! now to mail off all the paperwork, and then I'll have my license!


Miss G said...

How completely wonderful of them! So nice! Congrats on your class! I'm really proud of you! Kelly

Karen said...

I always enjoy reading your comments on Kelly's blog so I followed the "path" to your blog tonight and enjoyed reading about your nice neighbors. What test did you take? Looking forward to seeing you again when I visit Dallas.