Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am a font addict.

I have so many fonts that I've downloaded it takes FOREVER to pick one out when I need it. I've even purchased a few, but the vast majority have come from scouring the web for free fonts to download.

You can do all kinds of creative things: invitations, letters, cards, letterhead, newsletters, calendars, etc.......or just the everyday mundane tasks of budgeting! And isn't any task on the computer more bearable if it is created in a fun font?

This week on Shannon's Works for Me Wednesday , she led me to another great resource to feed my habit. Urban Fonts has (in Shannon's words) "roughly 38 quadzillion free fonts." And she is right!

They do have a daily download quota - which only took me into page 5 of the "D" fonts last night (the quota is probably 50, though I didn't stop to count all my downloads). BUT, y'all there are so many fun fonts!!! And it really is easy to download and install them. (If you get stumped, just ask - I'll help you!!!)

So, there. I've confessed to the whole internet: I'm a font addict.


Becky said...

What? You live 4 streets from me? I didn't know that!
We'll have to get together sometime and meet outside of the blog world! :)

Sarah B said...

I learn something new every day....but seriously - how many fonts is TOO many??? I have a hard enough time deciding on fonts just with the basic list Word gives you!!! I guess there are worse addictions :)

Kelly said...

Funny! The big question is...which is your favorite?

Snapshot said...

There are certainly worse things to be addicted to.

Keri said...

I am to am a font addict. Thanks for the website! :) Yeah which is your favorite for the moment?