Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring = Yard work

Ugh. Spring is here. That means that it is time to work in the yard again. I think that is my absolute least favorite chore. Well, maybe a close second to cleaning the bathroom.

Last week I got a nice letter from our city neighborhood inspection person telling me that I needed to mow my weeds. Apparently we have a city ordinance that grass, weeds etc can't exceed 12 inches in height {guess they want to maintain nice looking yards or something}. Since I didn't have time to tackle really mowing, I just pulled out my weedeater and whacked them enough to hopefully pass inspection. Not exactly sure what would have happened if I didn't comply -- probably another letter and then maybe even a fine.

So tonight, I did the real deal. I raked leaves off the patio into the yard. I pulled weeds. I mowed and mulched leaves. I pulled more weeds. I raked more leaves. I also set some concrete edging around my bird bath that my parents gave me last summer. I need to dig a trench and really set it in place, but I wanted to get the visual and get it lined up right first.

The one really perplexing part of the evening were these crazy weeds that were rather prolific. They looked like big lettuce leaves (sorta) and were very very difficult to pull out. The stem was about 1/2 in diameter and hollow, but they were firmly entrenched in the yard or flowerbed. I had to pull the leaves off and then really dig the thing up. Mostly, I think I just whacked the roots off underground, but at least I pulled the stump out on most of them. Does anyone know what these weeds are and how to really kill them or stop them from growing??

Then I came in, cleaned up in a very nice hot shower and have been doing laundry the rest of the evening. It will probably be an early to bed evening.....I'm pooped!


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

They sound like dandilions to me. We get some pretty big ones here too. They are so much easier to pull if you get 'em when they're smaller. Once we had one that had a root as big around as two of Honey's fingers.

Mandi said...

I'm totally in agreement about yard work...yuck! We finally had to break down and mow the yard this past weekend for the first time this season. That just means every weekend for the next several months will have to involve this chore...not looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy it - except for the sneezing