Saturday, March 01, 2008


So, I have a two gift cards from my birthday ...... to Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Though I love to read, I don't often buy books, so any suggestions out there for what I should spend this on?

I also recently treated myself to some new music, so I'm a bit tapped as to what I want to spend the iTunes money on. I enjoy discovering new bands, but it is so hard to just find them on your own. So again, any suggestions in that regard would be greatly appreciated.


Elaine said...

I find new bands by spending time on I create stations of music I like (e.g. - Frank Sinatra radio) and it finds similar music for me. You can buy i-tunes from there as well.

Miss G said...

do you have nicole nordeman's woven and spun? i recently got it at half price books and really like it
also, ginny owens beautiful is a new fave that I got at record exchange in Pittsburgh

the Whitelaws said...

Barnes & Noble often has cool gadgets and stationery, etc. I have fun just browsing around the "other" stuff, there. Also, I'm sure they have crossword books and other puzzle books if you need more "train" material.

I think Russ and Rebecca's blog has a list of cool music groups. Maybe those would interest you.

RD said...

Jenni - I tried commenting on the post before this to say happy birthday but I see it never showed up. So I'm trying again . . . happy birthday! Some of our new music includes The Weepies (really enjoy that one) as well as Animal Liberation Orchestra. I don't think either of those are on our blog list that Sara mentioned.

chinachat said...

happy birthday! i always try to hang on to my itunes credit, but end up spending it way too quickly despite trying not to. i suggested the same to russ, but i am currently loving over the rhine. also, i think misty edwards is wonderful, but that could be quite different than what you like. i don't know. i recently invested in some bob dylan because i felt the need to have more classic rock. :)

and at barnes and noble...their wonderful journals always tempt me!

Snapshot said...

I'm all into health books right now. I've ordered "101 Foods that could save your life" from my local Barnes and Noble. They were out.
But any time you can pick up an Erma Bombeck classic, it's the best. She will make you laugh yourself silly and also make you think.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday...sorry to be late!

If you have not read "The Shack"..order it NOW!

You might try a book on for your commute!