Monday, February 11, 2008

February Dinner Party

Last Saturday I had my February dinner party.....and it was a success again!

I never remember to take photos once the food gets on the table, but here is a photo of the table pre-dinner.

The menu was as follows:
Kitchen Brisket
Disgustingly Rich Potatoes
Sweet Onion Casserole
Upside Down Chocolate Pudding

The brisket recipe was a new one for me.....I figure, why not let my guests be guinea pigs? It turned out very well -- except that I shouldn't have left all the juices in the pan. I managed to spill a good bit on the floor on the way to the table. Thankfully, I didn't fall, though I did slip a bit.

Guests for this dinner were Farland and Julie (our children's minister and his wife) and Briggs and Paula....who showed up with this really fun new platter as a hostess gift! I love it and can't wait to find a reason to use it! Perhaps at my March dinner party.


Paige said...

I always try new recipes out on company! Luckily it hasn't back fired on me! I love your hostessing each month.

Miss G said...

fun idea for the candle holders and the platter is fabulous! You could serve sub sandwiches on there or make it a different salad presentation or make a crazy big banana split that people could dip out of or put spaghetti on it and big meatballs and some sauce down the center or barbecued chicken or . . . very cool! Kelly

Lana said...

Sounds yummy!

Jenn said...

i want the potato and sweet onions recipes!!!

oh AND the pudding one....

oh heck, i want them ALL!

Whitney said...

Sounds like a great party- and the food..... yum! I need to raid your recipes! Also love the adorable platter- very fun!

Erica said...

You are such a wonderful hostess...I keep saying I am going to find the time but it has not happened so far. Cute just screams spring to me:)