Friday, February 08, 2008

10 Year College Reunion

I can't hardly even believe it.....this year is my 10 year college reunion.

For our 5 year reunion, I headed up our fundraising campaign and we raised a good amount of money for our alma mater. As is often the case with 5 year reunions, participation was lighter than we would have liked because everyone was just starting out in jobs, paying back loans, etc.

We have raised a good amount in the 5 years since our last reunion and are hoping to meet a pretty lofty goal for our 10 year campaign. Those of you that were in the class of 1998 -- we need you! Please start thinking and praying about how you can support the mission of ACU through your donation and be ready when you get a call asking for your pledge.

We are the first class reunion (we think) to create a blog dedicated to our class. For the next few months, this blog will be dedicated to our upcoming reunion at Homecoming in October. Then, who knows?

So, click on over to the Class of 1998 Blog -- sign up on the right to add your link, check back often for updates on plans for the reunion and results of the campaign and enjoy reconnecting with college friends!


Whitney said...

I didn't realize we graduated from college the same year! And I also hadn't thought about the fact that it was 10 years ago- oh my... i'm feeling old! :)

The blog is a neat idea!

Elaine said...

Has it been 10 years? Eee-Gads ... and I'm still in school.