Saturday, January 26, 2008

Question Answers pt 3

Donna asked
Did you become an accountant on purpose or did you just happen into it?

A little of grandmother had an accounting degree and my granddaddy was a bank auditor, so I'm at least somewhat wired for dealing with money. I took accounting as an elective in high school and it just clicked with my brain. Competing in UIL and taking an advanced accounting course in high school cemented the gift. I started college with accounting as my major and never looked back.

Amy asked
What is the next major project for your house?

Next major project is re-doing my master bathroom. I bet it was redone sometime late 80s-early 90s. Gold and shell shaped fixtures, mauvy-pink and white tile. Ick. Thinking along the lines of white subway tile in the shower and larger white (travertine?) tile on the floor. New pedestal sink, light fixture, toilet, etc. Probably will be a late spring/early summer project.

If you could go anywhere on your next vacation, where would you go?

I love if I could choose anywhere, it would be England/Scotland. I think Italy is actually higher on my list, but I think I would rather experience that with a love interest, rather than just a solo (or even family) vacation.....

Terri asked
What was the first record (cassette, cd... you're so young) that you bought?

I can't even remember! I've recently been transferring old cassette tapes to mp3 files and ran across a couple of New Kids on the Block tapes....that was probably some of the first of a band that I was really interested in!

What topic would you like to study about in Bible study?

how to find contentment and trust completely in God's power, plan and love


Amy said...

Our bathroom remodel is underway, and we're using lots of subway tile! I'll post some pictures of the progress on our blog soon.

jaime s said...

Just a thought from my comment on your last post....if that's too personal to share, I totally understand. It was just an idea.