Thursday, January 24, 2008

Question Answers pt 2

Donna asked:
If you had to live in another country which country would you chose...and why?

Probably somewhere that speaks english (only because I don't have a head for languages).....anywhere in Europe so that I could easily traipse across history. Or maybe Australia - that accent really makes me warm and fuzzy.

Amy asked:
What is your favorite comfort food?

Depends on how you define comfort food -- I can always anytime eat breakfast. So, I would probably consider that my comfort food -- eggs, bacon, biscuts, gravy, pancakes, waffles etc.

As far as warm filling cozy comfort's potato soup will always hit the spot.

Terri asked:
Who was your favorite teacher?

I have several ones that I might call favorite, but probably my high school accounting teacher, Mrs. Damron and my college accounting chair, Mr. Fowler -- both had significant impact on my career choice and were just very supportive encouraging teachers

When you were much younger, what did you want to grow up to be?

My mom had a "school book" where she put photos and information about each school year along the of the pieces of information was what I wanted to be when I grew up. From my rememberance of the book, I wanted to be everything -- teacher, fireman, astronaut, etc. But mostly, I just wanted to grow up and be a mom. I still do.


Donna said...

I would pick Australia. Climate, lifestyle and language and BEACHES!! would be similar to what I love about this country!

jaime s said...

Ok--this is really a comment for your post on Wed. (name 2). I was thinking that maybe you could post some things you are looking for in your "Prince Charming". That way, first of all you can be praying more specifically for him and your friends can be praying for him to and be on the lookout for someone that might be a good match for you. I thought, I don't even know what "type" of guy you are praying for. If I come across him or one of your other friends does, then we can say, I've got a great person I want you to meet.

I appreciate your openness about sharing this desire (and the struggle of the wait). I pray for you and this lucky guy often.

You may hate this idea and that's fine. I was just thinking, I wish I knew what you were hoping for (no doubt God will exceed your wildest dream).

Praying for a speedy meeting of the one God has made for you!

P.S. I made a list of things I wanted WAY before I met Murray. I prayed over that list many, many times. It's AMAZING to look back on my list and see how perfectly God met and went beyond what I was hoping for. He LOVES to thrill us! I can't wait till he knocks your socks off!!