Saturday, January 12, 2008


When I was little, I took piano lessons. I hated the lessons, but did enjoy playing. I still occasionally would sit and pick out songs as I was growing up, but didn't really play all that much.

Recently, I decided that hobby is one I'd like to pick back up again. And so the search began for a piano - not that I really have space for it, but I wanted to play a real piano rather than a keyboard.

I put some feelers out with friends from church and found a lady who was willing to give me a piano that she had been given! Best information I have is that it is from the 1930s and originally was a player piano. Today, piano movers brought me the piano!! Now, this heavy oak piano resides in the corner of my room. I need to have it tuned and a few minor repairs made, but I am very excited about picking up my new hobby!


donna said...

maybe you could play at church...oh wait!!!

It is very pretty...I love old pianos

Wade said...

Very cool!

I will one day inherit my mom's baby grand by virtue of my being the one in the family who can play it besides her.

I was like you though - loved playing but hated the lessons. Now I wish I had stuck with it longer than I did.

Oh well - now if I only had room for a baby grand!

Keep us posted!

Jenn said...

that is very beautiful. congratulations and good luck on your new/old hobby. :o)

Paige said...

Oh Jenni, it is beautiful!

Lana said...

Looks a lot like the one you started on! Maybe the tuner can give you some further insight into its age.

Amy said...

It looks great! My piano is an antique, too - my grandmother purchased it used, and it's the one my mom learned to play on. Mom had it refinished several years ago (someone had painted it, and it was an amazing transformation after the paint was stripped off - looks really similar to yours now), and she was able to get some good information on the age by calling the factory - I think ours had some info inside that we could see by opening the top and peeking in. I can't remember exactly, and I would check, but it's in storage until the next house. I really want to get back to playing, too. Maybe in a couple of years... :)