Monday, January 28, 2008


Apparently today is post # 501. Wow. Who knew that I would write 500 entries about such a seemingly boring and normal single gal's life? Thanks for coming along for the ride.


I read a post on Katrina's blog today that is really good. Go check it out. This sentence resonates completely with me:

I am too independent for my own good. I try to shoulder every responsibility myself, I shy away from asking for help, and I even apologize for asking people to pray for me.

I am trying very hard to not hold myself back from my community quite so much, but it is very hard. Without diving deeper than I want the whole internets to know, things are tough for me right now. I'm trying to let my friends help support me, but I too have a very hard time asking for help. I'm trying to do better. Katrina's post just helped remind me that I need to use the support system that I am a part of -- just as I try to provide support for others.


That Girl said...

I'm sorry things are tough. I know it doesn't help now but, it won't always be this way.

the Whitelaws said...

Keeping you in my prayers as always. You're not alone in your "independence." Love and miss you!

Whitney said...

Ok, random question not related at all to your posting- how do you know the Perkins? I worked with Brett at EDS (my first job after graduation!) How funny!

Whitney said...

I'm just realizing how many blogs you are linked too- it's amazing! And I'm seeing people left & right that we have in common! I go to church with Alyssa & Julia at RHCC! I love how you have everyone organized by how you know them- very good idea! I guess that answers the question in my previous post!