Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Menu

So, looking back into my archives, I realized that it's been a while since I shared with you the menu for my annual holiday party. So, for you new readers, here it is (red indicates I've already made it for this year):

  1. party weenies
  2. sausage balls
  3. sausage dip
  4. crab dip
  5. corn dip
  6. homemade salsa
  7. veggies / ranch dip
  8. banana bread
  9. strawberry bread
  10. zucchini bread
  11. fudge
  12. peppermint bark
  13. puppy chow
  14. sugar crisp chex mix (see a funny post about this from last year)
  15. forgotten cookies
  16. missouri cookies
  17. haystacks
  18. almond tea
  19. apple cider
  20. coffee

Yes, I make everything myself and from scratch. Thank goodness for rubber gloves - as many times as I washed dishes this weekend, my hands could be in terrible shape!! It takes some skillful planning to get everything done, but it is so worth it!


Whitney said...

You go girl! I'm quite impressed with this menu!

SG said...

Wow! How long does this take you every year?

Jenni said...

I usually spend evenings of about a week and one or two weekends preparing the food. That doesn't count grocery shopping time, invitation prep, etc.

Mae said...

I was thinking about making your peppermint bark last week, but as I am most definitely NOT the uber-organized person I realized that somewhere in the 3 moves that have taken place since you sent me the recipe I can't. Mind e-mailing it to me in all your spare time? :) enjoy the party! I was in DFW a few weeks ago and thought of calling you, but it was a red-eye to LAX and way too late.

Jenn said...

yum, yummy, yum-o! excellent list! my mouth is watering. and isn't choclate bark the easier thing in the world to do? and everyone loves it!!!