Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend update

You may remember when I moved into my house, the garage floor looked like this - a floor covering of interlocking rubberized squares (they had a workout room in the garage).

After more than a year of driving on the rubber squares, they had seen better days. So yesterday, I spent several hours in my garage..... pulled up the squares (and squashing roach like bugs that scampered around in a few spots) and drug them to the curb. Then pulled up the carpet pad that was under the squares and glued to the concrete. Spent some time scraping up the portions of the pad that didn't want to let go of the glue. Then pried up the tack strips that were around the perimeter of the garage and nailed into the concrete floor.

Here is the pile for my trash men to pick up tomorrow morning:

And this is what the garage floor looks like now:

It only took about 2 hours, but boy am I feeling muscles today that I didn't know I had!! Thanks to my daddy, I had the right tool to do the job. It would have been much less fun if I hadn't had the right tools.


In other weekend news, I'm about 98% decorated for Christmas. As I've mentioned before, it is not my preference to decorate before Thanksgiving. BUT, in order to get everything ready for my annual extravaganza, a strict schedule must be maintained. I didn't take any in-progress decorating photos this year, but will definitely be taking photos of the finished product for BooMama's Bloggy Tour of Homes (see the button over there on the left....).


Now, I'm off to crawl into bed and rest my tired body.....and be very very thankful that it is only a 2-day work week!!

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Anonymous said...

What a hard workin' girl you are! I'm with you on the short week - I really don't want to go to the hospital today.

Are you coming this way during the holidays?