Sunday, November 25, 2007

48 degrees...and fun news!

I'm not sure how much it snowed in Dallas over Thanksgiving, but it sure was cold. Due to our crazy fall weather, I hadn't yet turned my heater on.....and so, it was 48 degrees in my house when I got home today. Brrrrr!!!


In other news, I'm gonna be an AUNT!!! My sis and her hubby are gonna have a baby come June.....and I can't wait to spoil that baby and then give it back when it is hungry, fussy, or poopy! :-) (Isn't that the aunt's job?!?) They are waiting to find out the sex until birth - and are not sharing any name choices, so for quite a while it will just be "baby." But that is ok. Grandpa, Pearlie and Aunt Jenni are excited!


Mae said...

Congrats!!! Being an auntie is SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! My sister says she has to retrain the girls after they've spent a few days w/ me.... I LOVE IT! Of course, now there's payback for that. Enjoy the incredible relationship you will be blessed w/ in this little one. It will truly be a gift!

Sarah B said...

Congrats from me, too. I know you'll be a super aunt! :) Hope you enjoyed the snow and that your house warmed up quickly!

Anonymous said...

You will LOVE being an aunt. I really think being an aunt is better than being a mother! (of course, I'm not a mother but I am a dern good aunt!)

Whitney said...

Congrats on becoming an aunt! I can't wait to become one myself... if my sister-in-law, Shanna, would get on the ball!!!