Friday, October 12, 2007

Totally random post to follow:

I can't even put together a full coherent sentence, so I'm just gonna make a list tonight.
  • Went to Nashville for Zoe last weekend -- it is always good to get away. I saw quite a few friends from far and near -- Amy, Angie, Bret, Ofelia, Terri, Jean & Glynn, a boy named Brad from my middle school years (yikes - he has a 14 year old!!!!!!), of course Brandon, Mike, and probably so many more that I just can't remember tonight
  • Sunday, I drove down to Tullahoma where I have family and spent the day with my aunt, grandma, and cousin and his family. It was a great homecooked Sunday lunch and good visiting time before I had to head back to the airport.
  • On the plane to Nashville, when we parked at the gate the flight crew was extra vehement about us remaining buckled in our seats. Then 3 Nashville cops and a juvenile detention officer got on the plane and escorted a kid off in handcuffs. Don't know what the story there was, but it was definitely something different.
  • Crazy, busy week because I found out that I'm taking another trip soon to count inventory....this time to our field office in Vernal, UT. Unless my memory is faulty, I don't believe I've ever been to Utah (beyond sticking my toe in at the Four Corners area). Should be very interesting, though it crunches a few deadlines in the next few weeks.
  • Tonight I finally mowed my yard again -- I've been so consumed pulling out those bushes in the front that I hadn't taken the time to mow. Plus, I hacked down a bunch of plant garbage in the back yard tonight.
  • Tomorrow I'm headed to the State Fair with my good friend Sarah - can't wait to see what new and unusual food there is to sample!!
  • Thanks to one of the perks of my job, I'm headed to the Cowboys vs Patriots game on Sunday. Because it is such a big game, they are opening the gates early -- I'm praying that we don't have to sit through too much traffic or wait in an extremely long line to get in the stadium.

That's all for now, I think. I'm enjoying the rest of my evening relaxing on the couch and looking forward to the season premiere of Men in Trees in a few minutes.


jettybetty said...

You are a busy woman! Hope you enjoy all that you have coming up.

DJG said...

sorry I missed you this year.

Hope Romo throws to his own guys more this week....have fun

Wade said...

Hey J,

Brian D and I will be at the game as well! Hope we see each other! If we win then I'm gonna try to run out on the field and pull down the goal post! Wanna help?

Once while waiting at a gate for an international flight I noticed a guy in handcuffs in the same area. They let him board our flight first and took off his handcuffs as soon as he got on the plane. I remember thinking, "Hey! If the deported guy needs handcuffs while sitting in the terminal then he needs handcuffs while sitting on the plane!"

Go Cowboys!

Miss G said...

Thanks for commenting on my latest post and thanks for the chandelier in the first place. I think you're the first shout out I've given on my blog not counting talking about A. Caleb is getting so big! This story about the police on the plane to Nashville is wild! Kelly

Jennifer, Snapshot said...


You won the copy of Amy Grant's book on my site! Please email me your address.

My husband would love to go a Cowboys game!