Friday, September 21, 2007

Wild Hogs

I thought this movie sounded great when the previews first started showing. Somehow, though, I never made it to the theater to see it.

I finally rented Wild Hogs tonight......and it didn't disappoint. The sight of the motorcycles was enough to keep me interested, but it is really very funny too. Laugh out loud so I can hardly breathe funny at several points. I'd highly recommend it.

While the super Dolby surround sound of a theater probably would have enhanced the beautiful sound of the Harley pipes, watching the movie at home was just as satisfying.

Headed now to finish up laundry, then a good long night of sleep.


Lana said...

Knew you'd like it! It was so funny!

DJG said...

loved this movie....saw it at the theatre and then bought it the minute it came out.

Glad you liked it.