Friday, July 20, 2007

the dark side

I'm a PC girl. I always have been a PC girl (except for a vague memory of Apple IIe computers from middle school).

Daddy is a tech-geek and has worked in computers my whole life, so we have had a computer in the house since I was 5. The first computer I can remember that we had was a TRS-80 in about 1981. Over the years we had many different computers - but as technology evolved, we always stayed on the PC/Microsoft/Windows side of the fence. I had to use a PC/Mac combo in college for a certain class and it drove me insane, because I couldn't figure out how to make the Mac side do what I needed to do!

Last night, I switched over to the dark side......a least a little bit.....

I bought an iPod.

For several years, I've had mp3 capabilities on my PDA, but resisted going the way of the masses and following the herd to the Apple store, partially just on principle. In the last several months, though, I decided to check out iTunes and see what there was. Oh my goodness -- all the fun stuff to download and listen to and watch. But, I had to be tied to my computer at home to do it, because I couldn't sync any of that fun stuff to my PDA. Only boring mp3 music files on my 1 GB memory card.

In anticipation of the day I'd decide to just give it up and cave in to media hype and peer pressure, I have spent evenings and weekends the past few weeks burning all my CDs to iTunes. It was an enjoyable process - I forgot about a lot of the music that I own! Last night, I opened the iPod box, plugged it into my computer and VOILA! all my music is there!!! I found some podcasts and downloaded them this morning. On the train ride into work today, I listened to a Cash Cab podcast. So fun!!

Can't wait to rediscover all my forgotten music......and start to discover more! So, any suggestions for podcasts or new music to enjoy?


DJG said...

I LOVE my IPOD...nobody does MP3 better.

And I too am a PC girl.

Elaine said...

Exciting. I just have a shuffle, but it really makes everything from walking to commuting a more enjoyable process. Did you get the one with video? Those are amazing.

Yes, I hate it when I borrow someone's Mac and I can't even figure out how to open the dang internet browser! bah! although I secretly wish that one day I could afford one and learn how to use it!

Wade said...

Hey J,

Not that we are in the market for a new computer, but Kelly and I have already decided to get a Mac the next time we need a computer upgrade.

It started with my iPod (which I listen to nearly every day in the car), but when I tried making videos of Tate I noticed just how incredibly complicated it is to do with a PC. Mac's are so much easier for that kind of stuff!

Can't wait until our PC crashes so we can become converts!

Enjoy your new iPod!

Sarah said...

It's soooooo much more fun on the dark side!

the Whitelaws said...

So fun! Kevin has one and we really enjoy it. I love Cash Cab too!

AMankin said...

I've returned to the mac world and am LOVING it!! Enjoy your's only the beginning :)

Robin said...

I just got an iPod too - and I love it!
Thanks for entering my magazine contest. The drawing is this Friday - Good Luck!